Alocasia Cuprea Red Secret 100mm
Alocasia Cuprea Red Secret 100mm
Alocasia Cuprea Red Secret 100mm

Alocasia Cuprea Red Secret 100mm

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The Alocasia Cuprea Red Secret is a rarer Alocasia with beautiful deep red metalic leaves that look like they couldn't be real. This amazing foliage make the Red Secret a favourite amongst plant enthusiasts.

Care Level - Though stunning, a little bit of care is required, especially in winter. Best suited for people who have some experience with indoor plants already.

Light - Bright indirect light is best for the Red Secret. Harsh summer full sun can burn leaves leaves so avoid direct sun.


Water - Water when the top 2cm of soil is dry. Less in winter but try not to let dry out too much in summer. Don't let the bottom of the plant sit in water, as this will cause root rot.


- Fertilise with half strength liquid fertilisor monthly during warmer months, but not during winter or you may get leaf blemishing.


Propagation -Alocasia is a bit harder than others to propagate, as you cant propagate by stem or leaf cuttings. The plant can be propagated by dividing clumps of plants, or repotting baby plants that sprout from the side of your mother plant.


Soil - Prefers a soil with good water retention but still drains well. Coir Fibre with perlite is a popular blend that the plant loves.

Pets - Alocasia are toxic if eaten, so keep this one away from your fur babies if they are prone to eating your plants.


PLEASE NOTE: While we try to show photos of an average plant for this plant and pot size, as every plant is a living thing, plants may be slightly different in some way to the image shown.


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