Epipremnum Aureum Marble Queen Pothos 150mm
Epipremnum Aureum Marble Queen Pothos 150mm
Epipremnum Aureum Marble Queen Pothos 150mm

Epipremnum Aureum Marble Queen Pothos 150mm

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One of our favourite plants, the Epipremnum Aureum Marble Queen is a climbing vine that looks a million bucks. You'd think with that stunning variegation, it would be a difficult plant to grow, but surprisingly its both hardy and fast growing. The variegation does vary alot and plants with more green do grow much faster than the mostly white plants. Both are absolutely stunning so you cant really go wrong. Allow the growth to trail naturally or support on a totem for larger leaf growth.


Care Level - Easy. Tolerating most indoor light conditions, uneven watering schedules and not prone to pests, the marble queen is perfect for beginners or green thumbs alike. Super white coloured plants need a touch more attention, so keep a bit closer to the light in winter.


Light - The Marble queen will tolerate low to bright light, but it will thrive in bright indirect light so for the best growth, keep closer to a window. Hot sun, such as western sun in warmer months can lead to leaf burn, so keep an eye on position during summer.


Water - Water deeply around once a week, keeping soil moist but not letting the roots sit in water. Lesser in winter and more when soil is drying out quickly in our hot summers. This being said, this one is pretty hardy so just keep an eye out for drooping leaves, when the plant is telling you it's thirsty.


Food - In warmer growing months, give a quality liquid fertiliser monthly for the best growth, but hold off during winter.


Propagation - The Marble is a form of devils ivy, so very easy to propagate. You can cut the stem either side of a leaf keeping the node, and sit the stem in water to grow roots in a well lit spot. Once the roots have grown a bit, the rooted cuttings can be potted up into soil to continue to grow. Best to prop in warmer months for best results.


Soil - Marble queen like a well draining soil, thats light, chunky but still retails moisture. Potting mix with added coco peat is great, and some perlite will assist in drainage. It will still tolerate many soil types so even a low quality potting mix isn’t going to make this guy throw a tantrum.


Pets - Marble Queen are toxic if eaten, so keep this one away from your fur babies if they are prone to eating your plants.


PLEASE NOTE: While we try to show photos of an average plant for this plant and pot size, as every plant is a living thing, plants may be slightly different in some way to the image shown. All plants come in plastic nursery pots unless specifically specified. Photos in decorative pots may be used for display purposes.

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