Monstera Karstenianum Peru 100mm RARE
Monstera Karstenianum Peru 100mm RARE
Monstera Karstenianum Peru 100mm RARE

Monstera Karstenianum Peru 100mm RARE

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OMG!!! This plant has been on our dream plant list for a very long time! We are so excited to be offering this rare beauty to our Canberra plant peeps. The Monstera Peru is a super rare aroid with thick stiff dark green and strongly crinkled leaves. Though rare and highly sought after by collectors, the Peru can grow fast with the right conditions, especially when supported by a stake or totem.

Care Level
 - Medium. The Monstera Peru likes a bit of extra humidity and needs some extra attention as they don't like the cold, so a bit of experience is suggested.

Light - The Peru will tollerate a few hours of morning sun, but can still burn in long periods of direct sun. It will thrive in bright indirect light so for the a happy plant, near a window or grow light.

Water - Lightly water a couple times a week in warm months, around once a week in winter depending on location. Allow to dry our a bit between waterings, and keep an eye out for yellowing leaves at that usually indicates overwatering.

Food - In warmer growing months, give a quality liquid fertiliser monthly for the best growth, but hold off during winter.

Propagation - The Monstera Peru is easy to propagate from cuttings. You can cut the stem, keeping a node, and sit the stem in water or damp perlite to grow roots in a well lit spot. Once the roots have grown a bit, the rooted cuttings can be potted up into soil to continue to grow. Best to prop in warmer months, as winter grown is very slow and you could lose your cuting.


Soil - The Peru likes a well draining soil, thats light, airy but still retails moisture. Potting mix with coco peat is great, and some perlite will assist in drainage.


Pets - Peru are toxic if eaten, so keep this one away from your fur babies if they are prone to eating your plants.


PLEASE NOTE: While we try to show photos of an average plant for this plant and pot size, as every plant is a living thing, plants will be slightly different in some way to the image shown. Plants are like humans, no one is perfect. Everyone is unique!


You can see these plants in person at our shop in Lonsdale Street in Braddon, Canberra. The Green Vine Plants is a locally owned small business, with a love for all things Green. We are passionate about plants, love the local Canberra community and want to grow Canberra's love for plants in our homes.