Philodendron Birkin 100mm
Philodendron Birkin 100mm
Philodendron Birkin 100mm

Philodendron Birkin 100mm

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The Philodendron Birkin is a showy but easy to care for plant that will quickly become your favourite. Its compact growth and rosette shape keep it looking thick and lush, and the striking white variegation on the dark green leaves will always draw your eye. Perfect as gifts and new plant parents, the Birkin is now a staple for your collection.


Care Level - Easy. From the look of this guy, you’d think high maintenance, but he’s easy peasy!


Light - The Birkin will grow in bright light to low light, but if you want those beautiful white stripes to come through, make sure you give it bright indirect light and it will thrive. Too much  hot sun will lead to burning and dropping of leaves.


Water - This plant is pretty easy in regards to water. It’s safer to keep on the drier side, especially in winter, but if you water well or forget for a few weeks, the Birkin is pretty forgiving. In summer, water when the topsoil feels dry, and in winter every week or two will be fine.


Food - In warmer growing months, give a quality liquid fertiliser monthly for the best growth, but hold off during winter.


Propagation - The Birkin isn’t as easy to propagate as some of the more vine like philodendrons. You can chop them ensuring you get stem with a node with your leaves, but you’ll ruin the shape of your plant. Birkins do throw out small babies on the edges of the plants that can be removed and potted up easily.


Soil - Philodendrons don’t like soggy roots, so something airy and well draining is good, but you also want it to hold moisture. Potting mix with a peat component is great, but some perlite will assist in draining.


Pets - All philodendrons are toxic if eaten, so keep this one away from your fur babies if they are prone to eating your plants.


PLEASE NOTE: While we try to show photos of an average plant for this plant and pot size, as every plant is a living thing, plants will be slightly different in some way to the image shown.


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