Senecio Rowleyanus String of Pearls 105mm
Senecio Rowleyanus String of Pearls 105mm
Senecio Rowleyanus String of Pearls 105mm

Senecio Rowleyanus String of Pearls 105mm

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The String Of Pearls is a gorgeous trailing succulent that really lives up to it’s name. The tiny pearl sized leaves hang from thin stems that look amazing in tall or hanging pots. As a succulent, they like little water and bright light. Though possible to grow indoors near windows, most people find the SOP prefer sheltered outdoor positions such as a protected balcony or patio away from the frost. The are a very interesting plant and a staple for succulent collectors and indoor plant lovers alike. As a succulent, they also propagate easily so are a great plant to prop and share.


Light - String Of Pearls like bright light, so if inside make sure they are near a window. Very strong sunlight, especially in the summer can burn the fleshy leaves so avoid hot afternoon sun in the warmer months. If outside, a position that receives filtered light is best. They can tolerate more sun in the winter.


Water - The easiest way to kill your String Of Pearls is overwatering, so keep this in mind whenever you are reaching for the watering can. Too much water will increase the chance of root rot, so only water around once a month during winter, and in warmer months about every 2 weeks. The thick fleshy leaves store water, so it will tell you if its too dry if the pearls start to shrivel. 


Propagation - There are many ways to propagate the string of pearls. Keep in mind that they a prone to root rot with too much water, so we find it’s best to propagate in warmer months if possible. The trailing stems put out roots where they touch the soil, so you can snip some of the rooted stems and repot on their own. You can also snip stems and sit the cut ends in water to grow roots, ensuring they get plenty of light. Sitting cuttings directly on soil also works but keep an eye on rot. A plant can actually be propagated from a single leaf, but you’ll get more success with stem cuttings.


Soil - String of Pearls prefers a well draining soil, such as a succulent and cactus mix. You can improve drainage in potting mix by adding sand or perlite to your soil. With very shallow roots, you don’t need very large pots and most are grown in shallow but wide pots. Repotting is not required very often, so allow your plant to do it’s thing and just grow. If you do repot, take care as the stems and leaves are fragile and can snap off easily.


Pets - The String Of Pearls is considered toxic if eaten, so keep this one away from your fur babies if they are prone to eating your plants.


PLEASE NOTE: While we try to show photos of an average plant for this plant and pot size, as every plant is a living thing, plants will be slightly different in some way to the image shown. Plants are like humans, no one is perfect, though we try to be!


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