uBloomd Nature Green Plant Traps x10

uBloomd Nature Green Plant Traps x10

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Green, functional, aesthetic traps supported by wooden stakes to fit into every potted plant. These Green Plants Traps are the perfect addition to any serious indoor plant owners jungle.

This kit helps customers control adult Fungus Gnats in home gardens.


10x 5cm Diameter Stealth Traps  /  10x Wooden Support Sticks 10cm Long  /  Made in Australia  / Compostable Packaging


You can find this item in person at our shop in Lonsdale Street in Braddon, Canberra. The Green Vine Plants is a locally owned small business, with a love for all things Green. We are passionate about plants, love the local Canberra community and want to grow Canberra's love for plants in our homes.